Nevada Attorney General Releases Recommendations to Reduce Domestic Violence Deaths

Las Vegas Domestic ViolenceVarious Nevada state and local teams have made 17 recommendations in an effort to stem domestic abuse-related homicides. The Nevada Attorney General made public the first annual report last month. Among the suggestions is prohibiting domestic violence charges from being pleaded down to less violent offenses.

Nevada domestic abuse laws make it a crime to batter a significant other, family member, or roommate. These cases typically begin with a verbal altercation that may get out of hand, and one of the parties calls 911. Typical defenses to battery domestic violence charges are self-defense, false allegations, or accident.

A first- or second-time violation of Nevada domestic abuse laws is a misdemeanor as long as no one was seriously hurt, no deadly weapon was used, and no strangulation was involved. A third-time incident within seven years is a felony with mandatory jail time whether or not anyone was hurt. Even if a victim recants the allegations, the prosecution can still bring criminal charges against the defendant.

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