New Year's DUI Arrests on the Decline in Nevada

January 2, 2013

Nevada New Years DUIOver New Year's Eve, the Nevada Highway Patrol arrested seven drivers for the Nevada crime of drunk driving. That's half as many people who were arrested for DUI by the NHP two New Year's Eves ago. Meanwhile, Reno and Sparks police arrested 11 drivers for driving under the influence this year.

The Nevada crime of driving under the influence occurs when someone operates a motor vehicle either while impaired by alcohol or drugs, or with a BAC of .08 or above. Even if someone is driving safely, he/she is still in violation of the law if his/her BAC exceeds .08. It's also a DUI if the driver's blood contains traces of certain drugs in excess of legal minimum amounts.

A first-time DUI with no injury is a misdemeanor crime. Typical punishments include a fine, a victim impact panel, DUI School, a three-month license suspension, and a suspended jail sentence. In some cases, the charge may be reduced to reckless driving.

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