Henderson Cop Busted for Drunk Driving

January 23, 2013

Nevada Police Drunk DrivingEarlier this month a Henderson police officer was arrested for the Nevada crime of drunk driving following a minor accident where Gibson Road intersects Horizon Ridge Parkway. The Henderson police placed her on administrative leave pending an internal review. She was also charged with the traffic crime of tailing another vehicle too closely.

The Nevada crime of drunk driving occurs when a motorist operates a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Even if the driver is not impaired, he/she may still be convicted of DUI if his/her blood alcohol level was .08 or higher. Drivers suspected of DUI will be asked to submit to a preliminary breath test and sobriety tests. If arrested, the driver must then take a breath test or blood test.

A first time DUI with no serious injuries or death is prosecuted as a misdemeanor. The typical punishment includes several hundred dollars in fines, a DUI school course, a victim impact panel, three months driver's licenses suspension, and a suspended jail sentence of six months. A second time DUI within a seven year period is also a misdemeanor, but the judge usually orders mandatory jail of ten days.

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