Bellagio Employee Arrested for Stabbing Co-Worker in Las Vegas

December 27, 2012

Last week a Bellagio employee allegedly stabbed a colleague's face in the casino pit. The suspect faces charges for battery with a deadly weapon, mayhem and the Nevada crime of burglary. This incident follows a murder-suicide in the Excalibur casino two weeks ago.

The Nevada crime of burglary is the entry into any building, vehicle, plane or rail car with the intent to commit any of the following inside: larceny, assault, battery, any felony, or obtaining money by false pretenses. A person may be convicted of burglary even if he/she did not break in. The main defense to this crime is that the defendant had no intent to commit a crime when he/she entered the building.

Burglary is a category B felony in Nevada. Penalties include one to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The penalty is raised to two to fifteen years if the defendant had a deadly weapon. Repeat offenders are ineligible for probation.

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