Las Vegas Pimp Sentenced to Life in Prison

November 14, 2012

Yesterday in Las Vegas, a 35-year-old convicted pimp was sentenced to life in prison. This summer he had been convicted of several charges of kidnapping, living off the earnings of a prostitute, battery, and the Nevada crime of pandering. He will be eligible for parole release 17 years into his sentence.

Nevada Prostitution Charges

The Nevada crime of pandering (or "pimping") is the act of encouraging, forcing, or facilitating someone else to engage in prostitution. A person may still be convicted of pandering even if the sex act never takes place or if no money exchanged hands. It's also considered pandering to force someone to get married.

Pandering is a felony carrying potentially several years in prison. Penalties are higher if the pandering involved threats or physical force, or if the victim was a child. Pandering a child can potentially carry hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines as well.

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