Palms Employees Charged with Wire Fraud in Nevada

October 23, 2012

Last week a former employee of the Palms casino pleaded not guilty to the federal crime of wire fraud in Nevada for conspiring to defraud the Palms of over $800,000. Three others have already pleaded not guilty to the same charge, which reportedly took place from 2006 to 2007. They're alleged to have accepted "invalid" wagers on horse races.


The federal crime of wire fraud is when someone uses wire communications to conduct a fraudulent act. The "elements" of this crime include the following:

  1. The defendant planned or executed a "fraudulent scheme" that results in another person or a business losing money or property.
  2. The defendant had intent to defraud the victim.
  3. The defendant's lies were material to the fraudulent scheme.
  4. The defendant used wire communications to advance the fraud.
  5. The wire communication passed through interstate lines.

Defenses to the federal crime of wire fraud in Nevada include lack of fraudulent intent, lack of evidence, or police misconduct. Penalties for the federal crime of wire fraud in Nevada include up to twenty years in prison and/or a fine. But if the victim was a financial institution or involved federal disaster relief, the sentence is up to thirty years in prison and/or up to a million dollars in fines. The judge may also impose restitution payments.

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