Nevada Drug Court Program Turns Twenty

October 22, 2012

Las Vegas Drug Court AppealThe 20-year old Nevada drug court program is being celebrated as a successful diversion alternative to prison. More than 5,200 people have graduated from the program since its inception, and 70 percent of them have committed no further crimes. The program has also resulted in 600 babies born drug-free.

The Nevada drug court program is meant to rehabilitate nonviolent drug offenders by offering treatment, counseling, and guidance. It usually lasts one year, and participants have to stay clean and submit to random drug testing. Upon successful completion of drug court, graduates are rewarded by the court dismissing the original drug charge.

Nevada drug court is not meant for people who aren't bona fide addicts, who have prior drug convictions, or who've been charged with drug selling or drug trafficking. People who aren't compliant with drug court may be thrown out of the program. Alternatively, judges may allow them to stay in the program as long as they do extra community service or counseling or submit to house arrest or a jail term.

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