Four Indicted for Child Kidnapping in Henderson

October 30, 2012

Henderson Kidnapping ChargesLast week four men, ages twenty-three to thirty, were indicted on charges of the Nevada crime of kidnapping for allegedly taking a seventeen-year old girl from her home in Henderson back on August 31st and holding her for a $100,000 ransom. They also face charges for burglary, extortion and conspiracy. The victim was rescued by SWAT within twenty-four hours of the alleged kidnapping.

Similar to murder, the Nevada crime of kidnapping is divided into two degrees. First degree kidnapping is the more serious kind, and it's when someone willfully takes away a person to hold them for ransom or for the purpose to rape, rob, extort, injure, or kill them. First degree kidnapping also includes taking away a minor. Second degree kidnapping comprises all other modes of taking a person away without legal authority.

The main defenses to the Nevada crime of kidnapping is lack of intent to commit the kidnapping act, consent to the kidnapping, insufficient evidence, or lack of asportation (movement). First degree kidnapping is a category A felony carrying a maximum sentence of life in prison. Second degree kidnapping is a category B felony carrying a maximum fifteen years in prison. But the judge may always add up to twenty extra years in prison if the defendant used a deadly weapon (however the extra sentence may not exceed the underlying sentence).

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