Las Vegas Defense Group Wins Dismissal in Attempted Murder Case

August 27, 2012

Las Vegas Defense Group Attorney Michael CastilloLast week, Clark County District Court Judge Abbi Silver dropped an indictment against a 64-year-old Las Vegas Defense Group client accused of shooting her son in June of 2011. In April, our client was charged with attempted murder, battery, and intimidating a witness. Together, these felonies could have carried several decades in prison.

Las Vegas Defense Group attorney Michael Castillo argued to the judge that the Clark County District Attorney's Office erred by presenting prejudicial evidence to the grand jury. Judge Silver agreed that the evidence was prejudicial because the state failed to admonish the grand jury to disregard the evidence when deliberating about the shooting. Mr. Castillo said that our client, "continues to steadfastly maintain her innocence."

Las Vegas Defense Group represents clients facing any kind of criminal charge from traffic tickets, DUI, and domestic violence to drug offenses, theft crimes, and homicide. Our first goal is to try to get the charges dismissed completely or reduced to lesser offenses. And if necessary we're prepared to take the matter to trial in zealous pursuit of a not-guilty verdict.

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