"Bath Salts" Drugs Set to be Banned in Nevada

January 27, 2012

Last week the Nevada Pharmacy Board banned the manufacture, sale or use of "bath salts," a synthetic drug. Bath salts also go by the names Ocean Burst, Ivory Wave and Vanilla Sky. In February a legislative commission will convene to approve the bath salts ban so it may become law. In 2011, Metro Police had 72 cases where the six main chemicals of bath salts were being used.

Nevada drug crimes encompass dozens of different laws regulation the possession, manufacturing and sale of narcotics and controlled substances. The vast majority of these crimes are felonies carrying several years in prison. But often a first offense may be dismissed if the defendant completes a Drug Court Rehab program.

Defenses to Nevada drug crimes depend on the specific circumstances of the case. A common defense is that the defendant was unaware that the drugs were there, and that someone else planted them on or near the defendant. Another possible defense is that the police "entrapped" the defendant into violating a drug law, but this defense works only if the defendant wasn't predisposed to committing the drug offense anyway.

For more on this story go to: http://www.8newsnow.com/story/16558534/pharmacy-board-approves-order-to-ban-bath-salts

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