9th Circuit upholds man's Reno conviction for illegal campain contributions

January 26, 2015

Today the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Nevada federal District Court conviction of Harvey Whittemore for illegal campaign contributions. He had been found guilty in Reno for illegally funneling more than one hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions to Senator Harry Reid. The 9th Circuit affirmed the conviction on the basis that "sufficient evidence" existed to support the jury's guilty verdict.


Whittenmore's defense team had argued that he never had criminal intent and that he meant the checks to his family and friends to be considered gifts. But the 9th Circuit in its 19-page decision contends that the defense theory is unsupported by law. Whittemore remains convicted of making excessive campaign contributions, making contributions in the name of another, and causing Senator Reid to file a false report with the Federal Elections Commission.

Senator Reid is not a party to the lawsuit and never testified at trial. Whittenmore is currently incarcerated on a two-year sentence in federal prison. For more on this story, go to: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/appeals-panel-upholds-whittemore-s-conviction

Man arrested in Las Vegas for anti-cop Facebook rants

January 20, 2015

Recently Dustin McCaskill of Colorado was arrested in Las Vegas for reportedly making death threats to police on Facebook. Prior to arrest, the FBI had warned him to cease publishing threats on his Facebook page, which is dedicated to showcasing corrupt law enforcement. Presently McCaskill is in federal custody and facing charges of interstate communications with intent to extort.


Some of the defendant's reported Facebook postings include: “Hey FBI, how about I kill one of your foot soldiers next time they try to raid me at gunpoint on a warrantless raid? How’s that sound?”; “I’m threatening to kill a cop or FBI agent. They have put me in fear for my life with warrantless raids at gunpoint … Now, come arrest me you (expletive) cowards. I just made a threat. I’m going to be the pigs worst nightmare. Come get me.”; and “I’m going to kill an officer or two and let them take me out. What the (expletive) are they going to do? Die with me. We can just have some suffering families.”

McCaskill was staying at the Riviera casino while in Las Vegas. After the FBI saw that he was making new anti-cop postings, he was arrested. He reportedly admitted to making the Facebook postings. For more on this story, go to: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/colorado-man-jailed-anti-police-facebook-threats-las-vegas

Fake missionaries get possible life sentence for Las Vegas robbery

January 4, 2015

Recently a Clark County District Court judge handed down a possible life sentence to two men who pretended to be Mormon missionaries in order to gain access to and rob a Las Vegas home. In September a jury convicted them of armed robbery, kidnapping, conspiracy, armed burglary, and battery. The two men are twenty-nine and twenty-six years old and previously served with each other in the Air Force.


During the June 2013 robbery, the two men donned the typical Mormon missionary clothing of white shirts, black pants, black shoes, and black ties. They also beat an inhabitant, but he survived. Later he claimed that the two men stole $3,000 as well as some marijuana.

During the sentencing, neither of the defendants spoke asking for lenient sentences. The men may be eligible for release after seven years. For more on this story, go to: http://lasvegassun.com/news/2014/dec/24/2-men-get-prison-mormon-ruse-robbery/

Walgreens employee killed by former Walgreens employee in Las Vegas

December 29, 2014

This past Friday 25-year-old former Walgreens employee Jin Ackerman allegedly shot and killed 58-year-old Walgreens employee Antonino Isnit during a robbery at the Walgreens located on Cheyenne Ave. The defendant reportedly was employed at that location in the past and was Isnit's co-worker. Before allegedly shooting the victim, Ackerman reportedly said, “Sorry Tony, but you know me."


The incident occurred early in the morning after Ackerman asked a female Walgreens employee to show him to the restroom. After she let him in, Ackerman allegedly handcuffed her but then let her go when she was paged to go to the front of the store. Later during the lunch break while Isnit was out, Ackerman had her open the store safe, from which he took several thousands of dollars.

After lunch Isnit came back into the store, which is when Ackerman allegedly shot him many times. Ackerman now faces charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, and burglary with a deadly weapon. For more on this story, go to: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/police-say-walgreens-shooter-was-ex-employee

Lower school teacher busted for selling pot in Las Vegas

December 22, 2014

This past Wednesday 46-year-old Las Vegas elementary school teacher Laura Droemer was arrested for selling pot to an undercover officer. The sale allegedly occurred back in June at a Walmart, and police report that she sold the marijuana for $140. She currently faces the charges of selling a controlled substance and conspiring to violate the uniform controlled substances act.


Police were unable to conduct an arrest at the time of the sale because the police who were watching the sale were unable to follow her car and track her down until now. The police managed to track the car's registration to the teacher. Droemer and one other person identified as "Gabby" allegedly sold the marijuana to the undercover officer, though it is unknown whether Gabby has been arrested as well.

Droemer is a teacher at Warren Elementary School, and the Clark County School District has employed her for 8 years. After she is released from the Clark County Detention Center, the CCSD will place her on paid administrative leave pending the case investigation. For more on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/ccsd-teacher-accused-selling-marijuana-undercover-cop

4 busted in Reno burglary sting

December 1, 2014

Last week four men in their early-to-mid twenties were arrested for their part in a burglary-ring in Reno. This ring allegedly carried out at least 100 burglaries of homes and cars within the past month. These arrests followed an investigation by the Reno police as well as the Sparks police.


The arrestees allegedly resold many of the stolen goods on Craigslist and similar websites. Authorities surmise that the people who bought the stolen items did not realize they had been illegally taken. Possession of stolen property is only a crime if the person knows...or should reasonably have known...that the merchandise was stolen.

The four suspects are facing several counts of burglary and theft. Their bail ranges from $20,000 to over $80,000. For more on this story, go to: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nevada/4-men-arrested-reno-area-burglary-ring

Guilty verdict for man accused of killing 7-year-old in Las Vegas.

November 22, 2014

On Friday 36-year-old Markiece Palmer was convicted by a Las Vegas jury of murdering a 7-year-old child. In addition, Palmer was found guilty of two counts of abusing the victim, who was Palmer's wife's son. The victim's 2012 death was allegedly caused by Palmer slamming his head against a wall.


The victim's mother faced murder charges as well but agreed to a plea deal where she plead guilty to two counts of child abuse and testified against Palmer. The prosecution alleged that Palmer repeatedly punished the victim for such transgressions as getting a poor grade or not studying the Bible. Palmer admitted to shaking the victim but not to the point of fatal injury.

Apparently a social worker at the victim's school contacted authorities about suspected child abuse, but they never followed up. Palmer's defense attorney tried to undermine the credibility of the victim's mother, who reportedly kept changing her rendition of events. For more on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/man-found-guilty-death-7-year-old

Las Vegas gambler sentenced for cheating in California

November 17, 2014

This past Wednesday famous Las Vegas gambler Anargyros Karabourniotis (a.k.a. Archie Karas) was sentenced to three years probation in El Cajon Superio Court for cheating at gambling. Calling himself the "king of gamblers," Karabourniotis had entered a guilty plea to burglary for going in the Barona Casino in San Diego with the intention to cheat. He reportedly marked cards in the casino which allowed him to win more than $6,000.


A Greek immigrant, Karabourniotis has reportedly won and lost $40 million dollars in gambling in Las Vegas in a three-year time span. He had been arrested four times previously in Nevada on allegations of cheating at blackjack, but was never sentenced to jail. His trademark accessory is a gold and diamond pinkie ring.

In the present California case, casino surveillance cameras recorded Karabourniotis's cheating. Prior to getting bailed out, he stayed in jail for 73 days. In addition to serving probation, Karabourniotis was sentenced to pay $6,800 in restitution to the Barona Casino. For more on this story, read: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-gambler-cheat-casino-20141113-story.html

Man sentenced to death for Las Vegas double-murder

November 11, 2014

Yesterday, a jury in Clark County District Court sentenced 29-year-old Ralph Jeremias to death for a 2009 double-murder. Jeremias shot the victims execution-style with a 9mm handgun in a Las Vegas apartment. The jury deliberated only a few hours before delivering the verdict.


Jeremias was convicted of the double-murder last week by the same jury. The jury also found him guilty of burglary and robbery. Jeremias claimed that the victims were already dead when he went to their apartment.

There were two witnesses in the case whose testimony damned Jeremias. They said he shot each victim several times. Reportedly, Jeremias had bought marijuana from one of the victims in the past. For more on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/man-gets-death-penalty-2009-double-murder

Las Vegas teen arrested after 2 other teens are thrown from her car

November 3, 2014

On Friday, Las Vegas police arrested nineteen-year-old Alexandria Rae Garcia after two other teenagers were thrown off of the trunk of the vehicle she was driving. Garcia now faces dual charges for drunk driving resulting in substantial bodily harm. She faces additional traffic charges as well.


The accident occurred close to the intersection of Sahara and Hollywood Boulevard after Garcia suddenly veered. They were coming back from an early morning bonfire in the desert. Police had Garcia perform field sobriety tests, which she failed.

The victims in this case are currently at University Medical Center. One suffered head trauma and is in critical condition, the other is in serious condition. For more on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/woman-charged-after-2-men-thrown-top-moving-car

Elko man given life sentence for several rapes

October 27, 2014

Last week a District judge in Elko sentenced 77-year-old Grady Fisher to life in prison. He had been found guilty of several counts of sexually abusing young step-relatives. The crimes occurred in his Ryndon residence, which is a few miles northeast of Elko.


The three underage victims reportedly visited Fisher's home during the summer, which is when the repeated rapes and sexual molestation transpired. He was ultimately convicted of 10 felonies and 4 gross misdemeanors. Fisher refused to admit guilt even at his sentencing.

Fisher is not eligible for parole for another 35 years. Considering Fisher's advanced age, it essentially amounts to a life sentence. For more on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nevada/nevadan-77-sentenced-life-rapes

Pahrump police chase suspect in suspect's own car

October 22, 2014

On Saturday, Nye County police arrested Pahrump resident David Plinske following a confrontation which culminated with him driving off in a cop car and officers chasing him with Plinske's own car. He also allegedly wrestled a cop and egged on the police, even telling them to shoot him. Police were already familiar with Plinkse from previous encounters and knew him to act erratically.


This latest incident began with police pulling over Plinkse for driving close to 100 mph in a 35 mph zone on state Route 160, and it ended near the Parhump Courthouse. Since the police saw Plinkse was unarmed, they elected not to use firearms on him and instead employed pepper spray. The officers have been commended by the Nye County Sheriff for showing restraint.

Bail was set at $20,000, and Plinske bonded out on Monday. He will be charged with various felonies including intimidating police officers, auto-theft, and possession of a stolen vehicle. For more information on this story, read: http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nevada/nye-county-officer-suspect-swap-cars-during-wild-chase